My web-page is again updated. I considered the history of my work and put published papers for 2016-2022.


My web-page is updated. I supplemented the history of my study and work and new material for 2011-2015 (the period of my residence in Brazil).


Now you can load the translation of the article “Some characteristics of beaver’s (Castor fiber) areal and ecology in the South taiga forest of Kostroma region” (2005) as well as all profiles and GIS maps in a full size from it. More details


The translation of the article, dedicated to the developing of the GIS project “Areal and population size of Russian Desman” (2011) has been placed on the web-page. More details


The 15 Chapter “Landscape level habitat selection by beavers and the longlasting effects of beaver settlements” of the book “Restoring the European Beaver. 50 Years of Experience” has been placed on the web-page. More details


Today my web-page is started